Covid19 Policy

Safety and Hygiene

We have been following international protocols and taking all necessary precautions during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. All our warehouses and fulfillment offices undergo regular disinfection of racks, floors and other areas. All incoming packages from our suppliers are duly disinfected as well. 

Stringent measures are in place for our staff, including revised office layouts that allow social distancing, mandatory use of face masks and other protective equipment, vaccination of employees, thermal scanning and use of hand rubs and sanitizers, as prescribed by authorities. This helps us minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus and similar infections.

We are working with the most reputed and trustworthy shipping partners, who are maintaining necessary precautions during the transit and promise contactless deliveries on almost all shipments. 

While we are doing our best, we also expect our customers to be responsible and disinfect all packages that they receive from us. The brand or the parent company and/or its partners, cannot be held responsible for inadvertent transmission of Covid19 or similar infections.

Impact on Shipping, Delivery and Returns

The Covid19 pandemic is unmistakably a force majeure event and standard policies like Shipping and Delivery, Returns and Refund, Terms and Conditions can be revised, adjusted or completely over-ridden in situations beyond the control of the business. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery due to any restrictions on movement of goods imposed by regulatory authorities or impact on last mile deliveries due to local lockdowns in certain areas. 

We also reserve the right to refuse return requests for hygiene reasons and in cases where the customers are residing in areas with high infections. Any orders placed with the intent of hoarding products in high demand can be cancelled or quantities can be reduced. Requisite refunds will be processed in such cases.